New Brunswick Faculty Council

Anna Haley, Chair 2023-2024

The New Brunswick Faculty Council (NBFC) is a deliberative body consisting of faculty representatives elected by departments and other constituencies of Rutgers University - New Brunswick. It is the principal faculty body from which the Chancellor of Rutgers - New Brunswick seeks and receives advice on academic policy issues. The NBFC meets at least seven times during the academic year to consider and make recommendations on such matters as academic regulations and standards; admissions policies; budgetary priorities; instruction, curriculum, and advising; academic support programs; libraries and other academic infrastructure; and research policies and support.

A few specific issues the Council has considered in recent years are evaluation of teaching, professionalization of PTLs, the need to keep and support Sakai, use of Academic Analytics, establishment of the New Brunswick Honors College, ethical and academic problems in the Rutgers football program, and finances of the Rutgers Athletics Program.

The NBFC also organizes events from time to time. For example, the NBFC co-sponsored* a webinar by Dr. Ellen Schrecker on academic freedom in higher education.

*together with the Rutgers AAUP-AFT and Rutgers Adjunct Faculty Union, as well as the Newark and Camden Faculty Councils, Rutgers University Student Association, and the Rutgers AAUP-AFT’s and Rutgers Adjunct Faculty Union’s Academic Freedom Committees.