Minutes of the 194th New Brunswick Faculty Council Meeting
January 31, 2014

Members Present: S. Bhuyan, R. Boikess, S. Connolly, M. Cotter (Chair), J. Crowley, M. Doerfel. D. Fishman, M. Flahive DiNardo, M. Gliserman, T. Glynn, M-K. Joo, M. Killingsworth, J-H. Kim, P. Klein, D. Kumar, J. Langsam, K. McKeever, N. Minsky, L. Morrow, R. Niederman, D. O'Connor, D. Redlawsk, G. Rendsburg, L. Runnels, M. Schwander, T. Stephens, L. Sun, T. Szatrowski, G. Taghon, Z. Tan, K. Thompson, C. Uslay, R. Welch, E. Williams, Y-K. Yong, J. Zahn

Non-Members Present: R. Edwards (Interim New Brunswick Chancellor, and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs), K. Swalagin (Recording Secretary)

1.    Call to Order Martha Cotter, New Brunswick Faculty Council Chairperson
Council Chairperson Martha Cotter called the 194th meeting of the New Brunswick Faculty Council (NBFC) to order at 1:15 p.m. on Friday, January 31, 2014 in Room ABC of Brower Commons, College Avenue Campus. She welcomed all present to the first calendar 2014 meeting. She summarized some of the NBFC accomplishments of the previous semester, including adoption of a resolution on academic freedom and shared governance to be added to the Strategic Plan, and a resolution responding to plans for an honors college. Cotter said that the honors college resolution response from Interim New Brunswick Chancellor Richard Edwards had been received very quickly, and that its content was summarized in a handout distributed at the meeting. 

2.    Approval of Agenda
The agenda for this meeting, as distributed by the chair, including time limits, was approved.
3.    Approval of Minutes of December 13, 2013
The Minutes of the December 13, 2013 NBFC meeting were approved as distributed in hardcopy at the meeting.
4.     Chair's Report - Martha Cotter, NBFC Chair

Chairperson Cotter's report included comments on the following:
5.    Administrative Report Richard Edwards, Interim New Brunswick Chancellor
Richard Edwards, Interim New Brunswick Chancellor, and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, presented an administrative report which focused on:
  Edwards then responded to questions, or heard comments, on the above and additional subjects including:
  6.    Progress Reports from NBFC Committees - Committee Chairs

NBFC committee chairs and others reported on their committees' plans, recent activities, and progress on pending charges.

7.    Committee-of-the-Whole Discussion of Plans for the Fall 2014 NBFC Teaching Conference, and Suggested Topics for Faculty Consideration in Spring 2014

On motion and duly seconded, the NBFC moved into committee of the whole to discuss plans for the fall 2014 teaching conference, as well as suggested topics for consideration during the spring 2014 semester. Much of the discussion was about the suggested conference subject: "The Future of Online Instruction at Rutgers."

8.    Old Business

There was no old business.

9.    New Business

There was no new business.

10.    Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 3:08 p.m.

Minutes written and submitted by,

Ken Swalagin
Recording Secretary of the New Brunswick Faculty Council