Budget and Planning Committee


Haim Baruh
Caroline Clauss-Ehlers
James DeFilippis
Mark Killingsworth
D. Christian Lammerts
Martin Schwander
Tom Stephens
William Ward

Pending Charges

1. Recommend changes to the NBFC Bylaws to reflect the  recent restructuring of Rutgers University and to align the bylaws more closely with evolving Council practices.

2. Consider and comment on the report of the ad-hoc committee on the athletics budget and on Athletics Department procedures. Make recommendations concerning the athletics budget.

3. Work with the Executive Committee to draft the NBFC's recommendations regarding the New Brunswick Strategic Plan.

Faculty Affairs & Personnel Policy Committee

Lisa Carbone
Serena Connolly
Eileen Kowler
Naftaly Minsky
Robert Niederman
Dan O'Connor (Chair)
Loren Runnels
Jerry Scheinbeim
Paul Takhistov
Karen Thompson
Rhianon Welch
Ellen Williams
Pending Charges

1. Determine the impact of fully online courses  and degree programs in New Brunswick schools on the rights of faculty members to control and use the intellectual property they develop. Does the contract with Pearson violate the rights of faculty who develop online courses? Will the outsourcing of courses under the Pearson contract lead to exploitation of contingent faculty? Does the Rutgers Copyright Policy as currently implemented strike a fair balance between the rights of a faculty member who develops copyrightable instructional material and the rights of the university when the faculty member makes "substancial use of university resources" in the creation of the material?

2. Investigate the extent to which Rutgers University policies and regulations provide faculty members with academic freedom in teaching, research, and service and with freedom to criticize university actions and policies as participants in shared governance or simply as members of the university community.  Recommend changes to the University Policy Library to insure that these freedoms apply to all faculty members, including non-tenure-track faculty and part-time lecturers.

Academic Standards, Regulations, and Admissions Committee


Melike Baykal-Gursoy
Robert Boikess  (Chair)
Stanley Gully
Angela Howard
Harry Janes
Deepa Kumar
Rachel Pereira
Saul Rubinstein
Lena Struwe
Zhiqiang Tan
Can Uslay

Pending Charges

1. Survey and report on the state of undergraduate  recruiting and admissions seven years after the reorganization of undergraduate education on the New Brunswick Campus. How have the quality and diversity of the student body changed across schools? How do our admissions statistics compare with those of our AAU peers? Do faculty play an appropriate role in formulating admissions policies?

2. Determine the extent to which standards of academic integrity are being maintained in fully online courses offered by Rutgers -New Brunswick. How is testing being done in such courses? Should the Academic Integrity Policy be modified to deal specifically with online courses? Make recommendations for best practices in this area

Library and Academic Resources Committee


Jocelyn Crowley
Dan Fishman (Chair)
Madeline Flahive- DiNardo
Zoran Gajic
Thomas Glynn
Marie Radford
David Redlawsk
Gary Rendsburg
Li Sun

Pending Charges

1. Consider the impact on library resources and services of the integration of the New Brunswick/Piscataway components of UMDNJ into Rutgers and of Rutgers entrance into the CIC. Propose possible recommendations to the Library administration on best ways to deal with the effects of both these developments.

2. Keep the Faculty Council informed about progress in developing an implementation plan for the Open Access Policy and convey Council concerns to the committee in charge of developing and implementing the plan.

Student Affairs Committee


Marya Doerfel
Myung-Kook Joo

Jeoung-Hee Kim
Julie Langsam
Xun Liu
Ken McKeever (Chair)
Louisa Schein

Pending Charges

1. Determine the extent to which student needs for academic advising and support are being met at the department, school, and campus levels post-reorganization of undergraduate education in New Brunswick. Make recommendations for improving delivery of these services.

2. Consider and comment on the report of the ad-hoc committee on the athletics budget and on Athletics Department procedures. Make recommendations concerning best pracitces for promoting the well-being and education of student athletics.

Curriculum, Teaching, and Honors Committee


Sanjib Bhuyan
Martha Cotter (Co-Chair)
Jeff Friedman
Martin Gliserman (Co-Chair)
Peter Klein
Lesley Morrow
Ted Szatrowski
Gary Taghon
Lei Yu
Jeffrey Zahn

Pending Charges

1. Plan an NBFC Teaching Conference for fall 2014, in conjunction with the Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research.

2. Consider various proposals under consideration for the New Brunswick Honors College. Consult with the current Honors Deans at New Brunswick schools, with Gregory Jackson, the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education, and with faculty members engaged in teaching and mentoring current honors students and make recommendations concerning the
structure and the curricular and residential requirements of the Honors College.