Minutes of the 190th New Brunswick Faculty Council Meeting
March 8, 2013
Members Present: R. Boikess, D. Britton, M. Cotter, J. DeFilippis, M. Gliserman, T. Glynn, A. Gould (for H. Janes), S. Gully, M. Joo, M. Killingsworth, J. Kim, J. Langsam, X. Liu, K. McKeever, D. O’Connor (Chairperson), H. Sackrowitz, L. Schein, M. Schwander, J. Shapiro, T. Szatrowski, K. Thompson, E. Williams
Non-Members Present: R. Edwards, K. Swalagin (Recording Secretary)

1.         Call to Order and Chairperson’s Report – Daniel O’Connor, NBFC Chairperson
Council Chairperson Daniel O’Connor called the 190th meeting of the New Brunswick Faculty Council (NBFC) to order at 1:17 p.m. on Friday, Marchh 8, 2013 in Room A/B of Brower Commons, College Avenue Campus. He said that copies of the Strategic Planning Retreat materials were available at the meeting, and asked everyone to review them, and to take a copy back to their department as well.
2.         Approval of Agenda
The agenda for this meeting was approved by the Council.

3.        Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the February 1, 2013 NBFC meeting were adopted.

4.         Administrative Report – Richard Edwards, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Interim New Brunswick Chancellor

Richard Edwards, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Interim New Brunswick Chancellor, presented an administrative report which included comments on:
    Edwards then responded to questions or heard comments on the above, as well as:
5.         Chairperson’s Report – Daniel O’Connor, New Brunswick Faculty Council Chairperson
Dan O’Connor, NBFC Chairperson, presented a chairperson’s report which included comments on:
6.        Pending Issues, Resolutions, and Actions - The following issues, resolutions and actions were discussed and acted upon as indicated:

a.    Resolution on Athletic Budget from Spring 2012: President Barchi has not yet responded to this NBFC resolution. Karen Stubaus was expected to send the athletic plan, and has been sent two reminders, but has not responded. Tim Pernetti has sent one report, but the five-year plan is not yet finished.

b.    NBFC Role in Recommending Faculty Athletics Representative: Dick Edwards has responded to the Council request on this matter by writing, in part, "...when considering the appointment or reappointment of a Faculty Athletic Representative, [President Barchi] would welcome the advisory input of the Faculty Council. For your information, the appointment is for a term of five years. Tom Stephens was reappointed last summer to a term that runs from 2012 to June 30, 2017." O'Connor said this needs to be added to the bylaws, but no action was taken by the Council in that regard. O'Connor asked if the NBFC should have a constitution.

c.    NBFC Strategic Planning Participation: As indicated in the Chairperson's Report, pre-read materials for the upcoming strategic planning retreats and meetings with faculty advisory representatives were distributed.

d.    Strategic Planning Discussion: O'Connor distributed, and the Council discussed, a two-page handout of potential topics he had selected from a faculty perspective on strategic planning themes, processes, and issues.

e.    Online Teaching Initiatives - MOOCs and Related Concerns: Online teaching initiatives and related concerns, including a recent University Senate report on Massive Open Online Courses, were discussed. O'Connor said that the Council should know by the next meeting whether the administration will agree to meet with the union on this to parse the related issues, and that the Council should issue a resolution to EVPAA Edwards, and that the resolution should include hiring issues beyond just online courses. O'Connor asked Karen Thompson to send him bullet points for the resolution, which he could then format into a resolution.

7.        Proposed Bylaws Change

Current NBFC Bylaws specify one NBFC representative for departments with 15 or more tenure-track or tenured faculty. Smaller departments are aggregated to reach at least 15 total faculty. O'Connor proposed a bylaws change that would allow for one representative for each department regardless of the number of faculty. The proposed bylaws change was discussed by the Council. The agenda stated that, relative to this docketed item, "Today's objective is to initiate a discussion on this to get a 'sense of the body' on changing our Bylaws. If a majority agrees that each department should be entitled to one NBFC representative, then formal Bylaws changes will be initiated." The Council also discussed the pending request to have the NBFC recognized and authorized as the official spokesbody for the New Brunswick faculty, on which O'Connor said that Edwards has responded that he is not willing to do that this year while UMDNJ integration is pending. O'Connor's motion to amend the bylaws was seconded, and adopted by a show-of-hands vote. O'Connor will draft the language to change the bylaws to provide for one NBFC representative from each department, regardless of size.

8.        Old Business

There was no old business.

9.        New Business

The Council discussed and accepted Harvey Waterman's request to allow a UMDNJ faculty member who is also a Rutgers faculty member by virtue of membership in a joint Rutgers/UMDNJ program to run for Graduate School-New Brunswick representative to the NBFC.

10:        Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 3:38 p.m.

Minutes written and submitted by,
Ken Swalagin
Recording Secretary of the New Brunswick Faculty Council