Faculty Council Resolution In Support of Rutgers Joint Venture Campus in Hainan China

Whereas Rutgers University is seeking to extend its global reach to become one of the world’s top public research universities, and

Whereas Rutgers seeks to maximize the goals of academic excellence, access, and diversity by attracting the most able students from around the world, and

Whereas Rutgers has a narrow window of opportunity to take advantage of a generous philanthropic gift from Mission Hills Corporation to supply the land, construct a state-of-the-art campus, and provide the start-up operational funding to create a campus on Hainan Island in China, and

Whereas Rutgers has a trusted partner for the project in the South China University of Technology (SCUT), a top-30 university in China, with which it is already offering dual degrees, and

Whereas we believe that creating a new joint venture campus in China would have the following benefits for Rutgers:

Therefore be it resolved that the Faculty Council supports in principle the submission of a proposal to the Chinese Ministry of Education to create a joint venture Rutgers campus with SCUT near the city of Haikou on Hainan Island in China, provided that careful planning and due diligence have been completed about the financial model for the proposed campus; and

The Faculty Council looks forward to working closely with the Administration to develop an innovative academic plan for the campus that insures it meets the highest educational standards and preserves academic freedom, and enhances rather than competes for the resources available for the New Brunswick campus.

Last modified: Wed May 9 09:35:06 2012