Resolution on Faculty Promotion Packets

Adopted by the NBFC on October 15, 2010

Deadline for Submission of Faculty Promotion Packets to Deans by Academic Departments

For many years, academic departments at Rutgers in New Brunswick had to prepare promotion packets, for candidates to be considered in the normal annual faculty promotion process, and submit them to their respective dean's offices by the deadline of October 15th each year. Recently, due no doubt to pressure on the deans offices, various deans have pushed this deadline back to around September 27th each year to give their offices more time for their submissions to the higher administration and to the University Promotion Committee in December. The result has been that many departments, particularly the departments with several promotion candidates, have had considerable difficulty meeting these earlier deadlines with the best cases made for their recommendations and for the faculty candidates. Properly prepared faculty promotion packets are vital for insuring the strength and future of the University. Reasons for these difficulties at the department level include the following:

Therefore the New Brunswick Faculty Council approves the following resolution:

The deadlines for all academic departments to submit packets and recommendations to their respective dean's offices regarding faculty promotions, during the regular promotion cycle each year, shall be no earlier than October 15th, so that adequate time is allowed for proper preparations of the best packets for their recommendations to the higher levels of the University.