Alphabetical List of Members 2006-7

Alisa Belzer 06-09 932-7496 x8234 GSE Learning & Teaching Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
Haym Benaroya 04-07 445-4408 SOE Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
James Bliss 05-08 932-7496 x8221 GSE Educational Theory, Policy and Admin. Academic Services/Student Affairs
Robert Boikess 06-09 445-4415 Colleges Rutgers College Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching; Personnel Policy
Christopher Brey 05-08 445-5536 Cook Entomology/Landscape Architecture Personnel Policy
Steven Brill 05-08 445-4197 FAS Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
Richard Bumby 06-09 445-0277 Colleges Livingston College Library
Abena Busia 04-07 932-7349 Colleges Livingston College Admissions and Recruitment
Michael Camasso 04-07 445-3934 Cook Agricultural, Food & Resource Econ. Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
Greg Camilli 04-07 932-7496 x8350 GSE Educational Psychology Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Joel Cantor 05-08 932-3015 x228 CBI Ctrs, Bureaus, Institutes (Social Sciences) Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
Theodore Chase 05-08 932-9523 Cook Biochem & Microbiology Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Frederic Cosandey 06-09 445-4942 SOE Ceramic & Materials Engineering Library
Martha Cotter 04-07 445-2259 Colleges Douglass College Admissions and Recruitment; Ad Hoc Bylaws
Harriet Davidson 04-07 932-7348 FAS Women's & Gender Studies Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
Eric Davis 06-07 932-9322 FAS Political Science Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
David Denhardt 05-08 445-4569 FAS Cell Biology & Neuroscience Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Hans Fisher 06-09 932-9825 Cook Nutritional Sciences Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
Daniel Fishman 05-08 445-2381 GSAPP Grad Sch of Appl & Prof Psychology Library
Madeline Flahive Di Nardo 06-09 908-654-9854 Cook Agricultural & Resource Mngm Agents Academic Services/Student Affairs
Peter Gillett 04-07 445-4765 RBS Business School - NB Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Charles Glashausser 06-09 445-2501 GSNB Graduate School Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
Norman Glickman 05-08 932-3133 x570 BSPPP Bloustein School Budget and Planning/Physical Plant
Martin Gliserman 06-09 932-8094 At large PFAC, Chair-elect Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Michael Gordon 05-08 732-445-3560 RBS Business School - NB Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Melike Gursoy 06-09 445-5465 SOE Industrial Engineering Ad Hoc Bylaws
Gene Hall 05-08 445-2590 Colleges University College Academic Services/Student Affairs
Sara Harrington 05-08 932-7739 Libraries Libraries - New Brunswick Library
Mel Henninger 04-07 932-9711 x120   Cook Extension Specialists Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Gregory Herzog 04-07 445-3955 FAS Chemistry and Chemical Biology Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Harry Janes 06-09 932-8978 x243 Cook Plant Biology and Pathology Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Jozef Kokini 06-09 932-8306 x313  At large Chair Ad Hoc Bylaws
Gloria Kraft 04-07 609-265-5052 Cook 4-H Youth Development Library
Robert Kubey 05-08 932-7500 x8164 SCILS Journalism and Media Studies Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Casimir Kulikowski 05-08 445-2006 FAS Computer Science Budget and Planning/Physical Plant
Min-Kyung Kwon 05-07 932-6531 MGSA Music Library
Robert Lake 04-07 932-3133 x521 GSNB Graduate School Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
Paul Leath 05-08 445-2521 At large PFAC, Immediate Past Chair Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching; Ad Hoc Bylaws
Michael Lesk 06-07 932-7500 x8008 SCILS Library & Inform. Science Library
Howard McGary 05-08 932-6800 FAS Philosophy Admissions and Recruitment
George McGhee 04-07 445-3832 FAS Geological Sciences Library
Ken McKeever 04-07 932-9390 Cook Animal Science Academic Services/Student Affairs
Kim McKim 05-08 445-1164 CBI Ctrs, Bureaus, Institutes (Science) Academic Services/Student Affairs
Barbara Madsen 05-08 932-2222 x814 MGSA Visual Arts Admissions and Recruitment
Gediminas Mainelis 05-08 932-7166 Cook Environmental Sciences Budget and Planning/Physical Plant
Joseph Markert 06-07 445-5110   PTLs & Annuals Budget and Planning/Physical Plant
James Miller 04-07 932-6555 x545 At large PFAC Ad Hoc Bylaws
Daryl Minch 04-07 908-526-6295  Cook Family & Consumer Sciences Admissions and Recruitment
Shari Munch 05-08 932-3578 SSW School of Social Work Academic Services/Student Affairs
James Nichnadowicz 04-07 908-654-9854 Cook 4-H Youth Development (alternate) Admissions and Recruitment
Mary Page 04-07 445-3856 x312 Libraries Libraries - Piscataway Budget and Planning/Physical Plant
Paul Panayotatos 05-08 445-3382 SOE Electrical & Computer Eng Personnel Policy
Robert Parelius 06-09 445-4731 FAS Sociology Personnel Policy
Frank Popper 06-07 932-4009 x689 BSPPP Bloustein School Personnel Policy
Edward Ramsamy 06-09 445-0872 FAS African; Puerto Rican & Hispanic Carib Academic Services/Student Affairs
Gary Rendsburg 06-09 932-3573 FAS Jewish Studies, Linguistics Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Jeffrey Robinson 04-07 932-7500 x8101 SCILS Communication Library
Jeffrey Rubin 05-08 932-7496 x8203 FAS Economics Admissions and Recruitment
Saul Rubinstein 04-07 932-1741 SMLR Labor Studies and Employment Relations Personnel Policy
Kevin Rynn 05-08 445-5215 x420 COP Pharmacy Academic Services/Student Affairs
Harold Sackrowitz 06-09 445-2693 FAS Statistics Admissions and Recruitment
Ann St. John 05-08 445-3986 FAS Genetics Academic Services/Student Affairs
Kevin St. Martin 06-09 445-7394 FAS Geography Admissions and Recruitment
Amy Saltz 05-08 932-9821 x12 MGSA Dance and Theater Arts Academic Services/Student Affairs
Paul Schalow 05-08 932-5591 FAS East Asian, German, Slavic, Italian Personnel Policy
Jerry Scheinbeim 05-08 445-3669 SOE Biomedical & Chemical Engineering Personnel Policy
Derek Schilling 05-08 932-5358 FAS French Library
Randall Schuler 05-07 445-5827 SMLR Human Resource  Management Personnel Policy
Marcy Schwartz 04-07 932-9412 x34 FAS Spanish & Portuguese Library
Kathleen Scott 06-09 445-2806 Colleges Rutgers College Academic Services/Student Affairs; Ad Hoc Bylaws
Joel Shapiro 05-08 445-3886 FAS Physics and Astronomy Budget and Planning/Physical Plant
Cassandra Simmel 05-08 932-4882 SSW School of Social Work Library
Charles Sims 05-08 445-2364 Colleges University College Academic Regulations and Standards/Teaching
Gary Taghon 06-09 932-6555 x547 Cook Marine and Coastal Sciences Graduate and Professional Education Policy/Research
Sarolta Takacs 05-08 932-9784 FAS American Studies, Classics, Comp Lit, Exercise Science, and Religion Budget and Planning/Physical Plant
Karen Thompson 06-07 445-3498   PTLs & Annuals Personnel Policy
Erik Thuno 04-07 932-7041 x25 FAS Art History Academic Services/Student Affairs
Lionel Tiger 06-07 932-7577 FAS Anthropology Personnel Policy
Mary Louise Wagner 04-07 445-5215 COP Pharmacy Admissions and Recruitment
David Wilder 06-09 445-2408 FAS Psychology Budget and Planning/Physical Plant
Robert Wilson 04-07 445-3486 FAS Mathematics Budget and Planning/Physical Plant
Ming Xu 06-09 932-9211  Cook Ecology, Evolution, Natural Resources Personnel Policy