Minutes of the 141st New Brunswick Faculty Council Meeting
December 2, 2005

Members Present:
J. Bliss, R. Boikess, S. Brill, R. Bumby, A. Busia, J. Cantor, T. Chase, L. Clarke, M. Cotter, H. Davidson, E. Etkina, D. Fishman, M. Flahive Di Nardo, C. Glashausser, N. Glickman, M. Gliserman, G. Hall, S. Harrington, M. Henninger, G. Herzog, B. Holcomb, S. Kelly, J. Kokini, R. Kubey, C. Kulikowski, M. Kwon, P. Leath, G. Mainelis, G. McGhee, K. McKeever, J. Miller, D. Minch, S. Munch, J. Nichnadowicz, D. O'Connor, K. Ozbay, R. Palombit, P. Panayotatos, J. Rubin, A. Saltz, P. Schalow, D. Schilling, R. Schuler, M. Schwartz, K. Scott, J. Shapiro, C. Simmel, C. Sims, K. Singh, A. St. John, G. Taghon, S. Takacs, M. Wagner, R. Wilson

Non-Members Present: P. Furmanski, G. Rendsburg, J. Markert, L. Schur (for S. Rubinstein), K. Swalagin (Secretary), K. Thompson

1.             Call to Order

Council Chairperson Paul Leath called the 141st meeting of the New Brunswick Faculty Council (NBFC) to order at 12:15 p.m. in the Busch Dining Hall, Room A/B, Busch Campus.

2.             Approval of the Agenda, and Acceptance of the Minutes of the October 28, 2005 Meeting

The Minutes of the October 28, 2005 NBFC meeting were approved.  Leath proposed that resolutions on the Report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education which had been approved by the NBFC on October 28 not be discussed as part of the day's discussion of the Task Force Report.  The day’s agenda was approved.

3.             Report and Recommendations on Report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education, as compiled and merged by the Steering Committee

A report and recommendations from the NBFC on the Task Force on Undergraduate Education's Report was discussed.  The report had been compiled from various components of NBFC standing committees' reports on the Task Force Recommendations.  The compilation and merging were done by a steering committee consisting of NBFC Executive Cabinet members and the following standing committee chairs:

The document was discussed at length, during which numerous amendments, substitutions, and modifications were moved and adopted.  The document also included recommendations which had been approved at the October 28, 2005 NBFC meeting.  Those previously adopted recommendations were not discussed at this meeting.  New recommendations were discussed in groups by subject area, as follows:

New recommendations were voted upon individually.  Through discussion and action by the NBFC, the attached "Report and Recommendations on the Proposals of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education" was adopted (Included with the master copy of these minutes as Attachment A).

4.             Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:22 p.m.


Kenneth Swalagin

Executive Secretary