Minutes of the 140th New Brunswick Faculty Council Meeting
October 28, 2005

Members Present: J. Bliss, R. Bumby, M. Camasso, G. Camilli, T. Chase, F. Cosandey, M. Cotter, B. Davidson, H. Davidson, E. Etkina, M. Flahive Di Nardo, P. Gillett, C. Glashausser, M. Gliserman, M. Gordon, G. Hall, S. Harrington, G. Herzog, H. Hirsh, S. Kelly, J. Kokini, R. Kubey, C. Kulikowski, Min Kwon, R. Lake, P. Leath (Chair), G. Mainelis, G. McGhee, K. McKeever, K. McKim, J. Miller, D. Minch, S. Munch, J. Nichnadowicz, D. O’Connor, K. Ozbay, P. Panayotatos, G. Rendsburg, J. Rubin, K. Rynn, A. Saltz, P. Schalow, D. Schilling, R. Schuler, M. Schwartz, K. Scott, J. Shapiro, C. Simmel, C. Sims, A. St. John, S. Takacs, E. Thuno, D. Wilder, R. Wilson
Non-Members Present: P. Furmanski, J. Markert, L. Schur (for S. Rubinstein), K. Swalagin (Secretary), K. Thompson

1.             Call to Order
Council Chairperson Paul Leath called the meeting to order at 1:13 p.m. in the Busch Dining Hall, Room A/B, Busch Campus.  He reminded everyone to sign in, then welcomed everyone to the 140th meeting of the New Brunswick Faculty Council (NBFC).
2.             Approval of the Agenda, and Acceptance of the Minutes of the September 23, 2005 Meeting
The Minutes of the September 23, 2005 NBFC meeting were approved.  Leath explained that the Budget and Planning/Physical Plant Committee chair, Robert Wilson, needed to leave the meeting early, so his committee’s report was moved up on the docket.  With that change, the day’s agenda was approved.

3.             Report of the Chair - Paul Leath
Chairperson Leath’s report included comments on the following:
Administrative Report - Philip Furmanski, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Executive Vice President Furmanski’s Administrative Report focused on capital improvements, including the upcoming groundbreaking for the Health Sciences Center, stem cell research activities and plans, and development of a State of New Jersey bond proposal for capital projects and improvements.
5.             Budget and Planning/Physical Plant Committee Resolution on the “Campus Planning and Facilities” Section of the Report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education - Robert Wilson, Committee Chair
Robert Wilson, chair of the Budget and Planning/Physical Plant Committee, summarized, and moved for adoption by the Council, his committee’s resolution on the campus-planning and facilities aspects of the Report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education.  Following brief discussion, the resolution was adopted unanimously by the Council, as follows:
Recommendations #1 and #2 of the Campus Planning and Facilities section of the Report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education call for involvement of the university community in decision making regarding campus planning and for creation of structures to guarantee this involvement. This is in accord with the importance the New Brunswick Faculty Council attaches to collegial decision making and has the full support of the Council. Further, the Council believes that, in pursuing this goal, the University administration should draw on the existing representative structure of the New Brunswick Faculty Council in constituting the implementation committee.
The New Brunswick Faculty Council finds the remaining recommendations contained in this section well considered and endorses these recommendations.
6.             Personnel Policy Committee Resolution on Faculty Incentives for Greater Involvement in Undergraduate Education - Paul Panayotatos and Dan O’Connor, Committee Co-chairs
Paul Panayotatos, co-chair of the Personnel Policy Committee, summarized his committee’s report on the personnel ramifications of the proposals in the report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education.  In moving the report for adoption by the Council, he said that the Council was not being asked to vote on specifics or appendices, and that the report is a “living document” on which he and his committee welcome comment, particularly by e-mail.  The report summary’s final “Conclusion and Resolution” was modified to emanate from the NBFC rather than the NBFC’s Personnel Policy Committee, and was then unanimously adopted, as follows:
The NBFC believes that the report of the Taskforce on Undergraduate Education fell short in addressing the issue of rewards and incentives, an issue that they recognized as being crucial. The NBFC believes that the issue is central to the success or failure of the proposed transformation and warns that effective incentives can not be put into place without the will to bring about some changes in the promotion and FASIP processes and without additional funds.
[The full report is appended to the master copy of these Minutes as Attachment A.]
7.             Executive Cabinet First Resolution on Report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education - Paul Leath, Chair
Paul Leath, Chair of the NBFC and its Executive Cabinet, summarized, and moved for adoption by the Council, the Cabinet’s first resolution on the report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education.  Following extensive discussion, during which multiple amendments were made to the resolution, the NBFC adopted unanimously the resolution as amended.  The resolution, as adopted, included the following elements:
1. We strongly support the creation of a single Rutgers School or College of Arts and Sciences, as proposed in the Task Force on Undergraduate Education Report. We also agree that the available majors and minors for arts and sciences students should be the same at all of the residential colleges (or campuses).
2. We support common admission standards for all traditional-age arts and sciences applicants, appropriately modified for transfer, EOF, and non-traditional students.
3. We strongly support the proposal that there be a single, coordinated set of academic and student-life policies, guidelines, and implementations across the New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus.
4. We support the formation of a single honors program for all colleges and schools on the New Brunswick/Piscataway Campus, with appropriate variation in requirements to meet the needs of the various professional schools as well as of the School or College of Arts and Sciences. We also support the recommendation that honors communities should continue to exist in the various communities to provide the local advising, mentoring, and co-curricular activities that students value so highly in our current college honors programs.
5. We propose the continuation and enhancement of the role of the residential colleges (or campuses) [Busch, Cook, Douglass, Livingston, Queens, and University], their deans, and decanal staffs in providing local programs and services such as local delivery of pre-major academic advising, co-curricular activities, academic learning communities, student-life programming, and inter-college (or inter-campus) intramural sports, under the direction and coordination of the Executive Dean of Arts and Sciences, the Vice President for Undergraduate Education, and the Vice President for Student Affairs.
6. We propose a substantial increase in the numbers of full-time tenure-track faculty and of TAs, a corresponding decrease in the number of large lecture classes, and the provision of meaningful incentives for faculty to become more involved with undergraduate teaching, advising, curricular development, both within and outside their disciplines, research projects, and co-curricular activities outside the classroom.
[The full resolution is appended to the master copy of these Minutes as Attachment B.]
8.             Agenda for December 2, 2005 New Brunswick Faculty Council Meeting
The Council agreed that the December 2, 2005 NBFC meeting would not include an administrative report, but would begin at noon with discussion of Task Force on Undergraduate Education issues, recognizing that the structural issues are most urgent.  Chairperson Leath will request funds to provide lunch for that meeting.
9.             Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 3:51 p.m.
Kenneth Swalagin
Executive Secretary