Minutes of the 142nd New Brunswick Faculty Council Meeting
January 27, 2006

Members Present: R. Bell, J. Bliss, R. Boikess, R. Bumby, M. Camasso, J. Cantor, M. Cotter, H. Davidson, E. Davis, E. Etkina, D. Fishman, P. Gillett, C. Glashausser, M. Gliserman, S. Harrington, G. Herzog, J. Kokini, G. Kraft, R. Kubey, R. Lake, P. Leath, G. Mainelis, G. McGhee, K. McKeever, J. Miller, D. Minch, D. O'Connor, K. Ozbay, M. Page, R. Palombit, P. Panayotatos, J. Rubin, S. Rubinstein, K. Rynn, D. Schilling, R. Schuler, M. Schwartz, K. Scott, J. Shapiro, C. Simmel, C. Sims, K. Singh, A. St. John, G. Taghon, E. Thuno, M.L. Wagner, R. Wilson, M. Xu

Non-Members Present: P. Furmanski, M. Manganaro, K. Swalagin (Secretary), K. Thompson

1.             Call to Order

Council Chairperson Paul Leath called the 142nd meeting of the New Brunswick Faculty Council (NBFC) to order at 1:15 p.m. in the Busch Dining Hall, Room A/B, Busch Campus, welcoming all present to the meeting.

2.             Approval of the Agenda, and Acceptance of the Minutes of the December 2, 2005 Meeting 

The Minutes of the December 2, 2005 NBFC meeting were approved.  The day’s agenda was approved.

3.             Report of the Chair - Paul Leath

Chairperson Leath’s report included comments on the following:
Martha Cotter, who chairs the University Senate, reported briefly on Senate activities and plans relative to the TFUE, as follows:
Leath's report continued with comments on:
Leath welcomed suggestions for other issues for NBFC consideration.  In response to questions from Robert Boikess on current committee charges, Leath:
Leath also explained that, regarding the FAS-NB's work on TFUE curriculum issues, Dean Smith had asked deans for nominees for the two committees she is forming, and that Leath had the memo to deans, but had not been contacted directly for NBFC members for those committees.

4.             Administrative Report - Philip Furmanski, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Executive Vice President Furmanski, noting that his New Brunswick Campus Report had been presented to the University Senate just one week prior, commented on the following in his Administrative Report:

Furmanski responded to questions on:
5.             Personnel Policy Committee Report and Recommendations on Faculty Incentives Relative to the Report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education - Daniel O'Connor and Paul Panayotatos, Committee Co-chairs  <>

Paul Panayotatos, co-chair of the Personnel Policy Committee, summarized, and moved for adoption by the Council, his committee’s report and recommendations on the faculty incentives aspects of the Report of the Task Force on Undergraduate Education.  Some recommendations contained in the original report were revised, and the language to be considered was contained in footnotes appended to the report as presented.  During discussion, the report and recommendations were considered in groups, and acted upon as follows:

6.             President's Faculty Advisory Committee - General Discussion

The docketed general discussion of the President's Faculty Advisory Committee was postponed until the next NBFC meeting.

7.             New Business

The draft on a single honors program (see Report of the Chair, above) was discussed briefly, and some suggestions were made regarding clarifying how students would enter the program, capture and incentives, criteria differing from school to school and the flexibility required, and senior projects or capstone experience.

A resolution was adopted thanking Paul Leath and Martha Cotter for their leadership and work in bringing forth the NBFC's response to the Task Force on Undergraduate Education.

8.             Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:15 p.m.


Kenneth Swalagin

Executive Secretary