Minutes of the 115th Meeting of The New Brunswick Faculty Council
November 15, 2002
(Members Only)

Members Present: R. Boikess, P. Bruner, R. Bumby, J. Burton, S. Carroll, T. Chase, M.Cotter, D. Denhardt, A. Rogers Farmer, D. Fishman, D, Gimenez,S. Gifford, M. Gliserman, S. Golbeck, J. Haviland-Jones, H. Hirsh, M. Kalelkar, F. Kauffman, A. Kirkman, J. Krenos, P. Leath, H. McGary, K. McKeever, Jane Miller, H. Mokros, C. Nanry, J. Niessen, D. O’Connor, P. Panayotatos, F. Popper, K. Scott, D. Shilling, M. Siewierski, C. Sims, C. Stevens, T. Szatrowski, A. Walker-Andrews, J. Walkup, C. Weibel, J. Worobey
1. Call to Order
F. Kauffman called the meeting to order at 1:35 PM in Brower Commons, ABC, College Avenue Campus.
2. Approval of the Agenda and Acceptance of the Minutes of the October 25, 2002 Meeting.
The Agenda and Minutes of the October 25, 2002 were approved.
3. Report of the Chair - Frederick C. Kauffman

Preview of Committee of the Whole Discussion

F. Kauffman noted that members only meetings, which began in the 1998/99 academic year, were introduced to permit Council members to discuss important issues among themselves in less formal "committee-of-the-whole" format.  No formal notes are taken except for approval of the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting.  Three topics were suggested as possible items of discussion at this year's members only meeting:
1. Members reaction to the Council's response to recommendations made by the Commission on Health Science, Education and Training.
2. Interaction of the Council with President-Designate Richard McCormick.
3. Involvement of Council members on Issue Working groups suggested in the Commission's report.
4. Committee-or-the-Whole Discussion
(Highlights and major items of discussion are presented below.)

The draft of the Council’s report to University Vice President Seneca concerning NJ Commission on Health Science, Education and Training report supported the recommended merger between the three Universities as a good idea provided that adequate funding for the process was provided, and that faculty, as major stake holders, be included fully in the process of evaluating and implementing any plans for restructuring the University. Members present at the meeting supported the draft presented by the Executive Cabinet and felt that it should be made available to President McCormick and the major governing boards of the University. Sentiments expressed during the discussion of the draft were:
  • The report of the commission did not deal adequately with issues related to major functions of the university beyond health science education and training. 
  • Input from other campuses of the University and NJIT was not yet available. 
  • A concern that the political process was intruding into the academic world. 
  • The necessity to slow down the process suggested in the Commission’s report to allow adequate evaluation and debate. 
  • Opinions concerning the virtues and limitations of the Commission’s report were still solidifying. 
  • Application of a corporate model to the University. 
  • Opinion of academic community including faculty and students needs to be made known to broader community of stake-holders in New Jersey.
Several action items were suggested during the course of the discussion:
  • Develop a slate of nominees to serve on issue working groups suggested in Commission’s report. 
  • Establish an “information commons”, e.g. easily accessed web site available to all stakeholders affected by planned restructuring of the University. 
  • Arrange a meeting in the immediate future between officers of Faculty Council and President McCormick to discuss participation of the Faculty Council in planning and implementation processes.
5. New Business:  None

6. Old Business:  None

7. Adjournment:  3:35 PM