117th Meeting of the New Brunswick Faculty Council
January 31, 2003

Members Present: L. Bethel, R. Bumby, J. Burton, J. Cassel, T. Chase, C. Chin M.Cotter, A. Farmer, D. Gimenez, M. Gliserman, S. Hansell, J. Haviland-Jones, H. Hirsh, R. Hyman, M. Kalelkar, F. Kauffman, J. Krenos, S. Martin-Marquez, D. Minch, H. Mokros, C. Nanry, J. Niessen, D. O’Connor, R. Reid, D. Schilling, K. Scott, M. Siewierski, C. Sims, B. Smith, K. St. Martin, T. Szatrowski, M. Vodak, A. Walker-Andrews, J. Walkup, C. Weibel, J. Worobey.

Also in attendance: UniversityVice-President for Academic Affairs Joseph Seneca
1. Call to Order
F. Kauffman called the meeting to order at 1: 40 PM in Brower Commons ABC, College Avenue Campus. New Council members were introduced.
2. Approval of the Agenda and Acceptance of the Minutes of the December 20, 2002 Meeting
The agenda and minutes of the December 20, 2002 meeting were approved.

3. Report of the Chair - Frederick C. Kauffman

F. Kauffman announced that a list of nominees for the issue working groups suggested in the report of the NJ Commission on Health Science, Education and Training had been submitted to the University Senate.

FK announced that John Burton would replace P. Leath, who is on sabbatical for the spring term, as chair of the Research Committee.  He asked that the research committee give particular attention to evaluating the new federal regulations that have been established to monitor and report on all international faculty and students at the university. An online surveillance and recording system called SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitors Information System) has been implemented for use and will likely have a severe impact on the faculty’s interaction with international scholars visiting Rutgers..

Chairs of all committees were urged to revisit their charges and prioritize issues in light of changes associated with new structural and budgetary issues under consideration.

FK recognized the importance of getting draft minutes of future NBFC meetings to the Council in a timely fashion and indicated that draft minutes would be posted on the Council website before future meetings.
4. Report of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs - Joseph Seneca

Vice-President Seneca welcomed everyone back with words of appreciation for the Council and the extraordinary work that the faculty continues to do this year. Grants and contracts are up this year compared to last year at this time.  He announced that former governor T. Kean was presented with the environmental award at a dinner ceremony hosted by EOHSI, which is affiliated with both Rutgers and UMDNJ, on Jan.29. He indicated that President McCormick, with considerable enthusiasm and effectiveness, continues to make contacts and build support for Rutgers at the state and national levels.
VP Seneca indicated that the SEVIS system is in large measure a response to 9/11. The director of the Center for International Faculty and Students, Marcy Cohen, keeps track of monitoring and reporting requirements for all foreign students, exchange students, visiting faculty and scholars. Any changes in information or attendance are reported.  All universities must participate in SEVIS and must assume costs of supplying the software, hardware and specialty expertise required to comply.  Strict deadlines with penalties have been instituted to ensure compliance by academic institutions.
VP Seneca announced that Gov. McGreevy called presidents of the state’s universities and colleges to Trenton earlier in the week to discuss the deep budget cuts to higher education that are being considered. . Some of the programs affected include: Outstanding Scholars Recruiting Program, Higher Education Incentive Endowment Program and salary increases. Potential mechanisms for absorbing proposed budget cuts are under consideration and expected to be harsh. It is important to make the case for the university during consideration of proposed budget cuts by the legislature through individual and collective lobbying.

Questions and Answers

The question of restructuring suggested in the NJ Commission’s report came up. The process will, out of necessity, slow down. VP Seneca reemphasized that President McCormick is committed to a transparent budget. He indicated that the president will be reorganizing the administration and will be making announcements concerning his plans in the immediate future.
H. Hirsh asked what the UMDNJ cut would be. However, this was unknown.
F. Kauffman indicated that developing a response to the proposed budget cuts would be an important task for the Council. It will be important to speak out on issues that are essential to the core mission of the university and plead for their preservation.
5. Interim report of the Budget and Planning Committee on the Physical Master Plan – Martha Cotter

M. Cotter summarized the report on the Physical Master Plan presented at a meeting of the Budget and Planning Committee with representatives of the architectural consulting firm of Ayres, Saint Gross concerning the physical Physical Master Plan developed by Paulien and Associates. This is a 50-year plan based on current and future needs based on projected enrollment figures. Based on current standards, there is a deficit of space. In comparison with other state universities, there are 9% more students and 16% less space at RU. Three models and associated costs were presented based on static, moderate and market enrollment growth. M. Cotter briefly described the plans for the Livingston, Busch, Cook/Douglas and College Ave campuses presented at the meeting with ASG representatives.
M. Cotter questioned whether consideration of the Physical Master Plan at this time should be undertaken by the Council given issues raised by the pending budget crisis and uncertainties concerning restructuring of RU.
D. O’Connor raised the point that we need a plan in place. Times will change and plans to move ahead with capital improvements of the university will be needed.
Discussion concerning some needs included: establishment of a new visitors' center, more small class rooms and fewer overcrowded large class rooms, and establishing a “bike culture”.
F.Kauffman mentioned that momentum acquired in developing a physical master plan would be wise to maintain. It was the consensus of members present that the Physical Master Plan should remain a topic of discussion by the Council.

6. Report of PFAC – Arlene Walker-Andrews
Meeting with President McCormick was very cordial and he indicated enthusiasm for continuing PFAC meetings in the future.  Issues discussed at the meeting were the following:
  • Establishment of a transparent budget is in the works.
  • Major areas of the “Vagelos” report that need to be considered are funding, structure, and governance.
  • Four or five representatives from Rutgers are to be placed on the Review and Implementation Committee chaired by Dr. Vagelos.
  • Enabling legislation is already being written for merger & division.
  • Submitted faculty names to serve on the issue working groups.
  • National search is about to get underway for a combined Budget and V.P. position (scientist preferred).
  • Inauguration will be April 13, Rutgers Athletic Center.
Concerns expressed:
  • Can Camden Campus exist alone? 
  • Funding issues with University Hospital need to be dealt with via a “firewall”. 
  • Restructuring of the Board of Regents.
7. New Business
A. Walker-Andrews referenced the e-mail from Pres. McCormick calling faculty to arms to write state legislators. It was suggested that we frame a document presenting a unified position of the NBFC. Immediate and long term effects of budget cuts on quality of academic programs, student life and the broader community need to be discussed.

In the ensuing discussion, it was noted that the “Vagelos Report” and Physical Master Plan are important but budget cuts will greatly impact their implementation. Aspects of each plan that can be accomplished under budget constraints might be identified and carried out. Costs of paying for the implementation of plans should not be passed on to students

Old Business - None

9. Adjournment - 3:35 PM