Membership By Unit

Manganaro, Marc 99-02 932-7030 At large PFAC Budget and Planning
Panayotatos, Paul 01-04 445-3382 At large PFAC Budget and Planning, Personnel Policy
Walker-Andrews, Arlene 00-03 445-2028 At large PFAC Budget and Planning Committee , Admission and Recruitment
Cotter, Martha 00-03 445-2259 At large Vice Chair Admissions and Recruitment
Guston, David 99-02 932-2499 x707 BSPPP Bloustein School Research
Pucher, John 99-02 932-3877 x722 BSPPP Bloustein School Physical Plant and Services
Leustek, Tom 00-03 932-8165 x326 CBI Ctrs, Bureaus, Institutes in Science Personnel Policy
Walkup, James 00-03 445-6120 CBI Ctrs, Bureaus, Institutes in Science Physical Plant and Services
Leath, Paul 00-03 Colleges Douglass Collee Research
Lockwood, Richard 98-01 932-9474 Colleges Douglass Collee Academic Services
Siewierski, Marie 01-04 932-9804 Colleges Douglass Collee  
Palmon, Oded 99-02 445-4209 Colleges Livingston Budget and Planning
Bumby, Richard 00-03 445-0277 Colleges Livingston College Library Committee
Junn, Jane 01-05 932-9312 Colleges Livingston College Replaces Palmon, + term
Boikess, Robert 00-03 445-4415 Colleges Rutgers College Student Affairs and Services and Athletic
Scott, Kathleen 00-03 445-2806 Colleges Rutgers College Teaching
Hamilton, Len 01-04 445-2014 Colleges University College Teaching
Sims, Charles 99-02 445-2364 Colleges University College Academic Services
Diem, Keith 98-01 932-9705 Cook Agricultural & Resource Mngm Agents Academic Services
Giacomelli, Gene 98-01 932-9753 Cook Agricultural Eco, Marketing; Bioresource Eng Physical Plant and Services, Teaching
John-Alder, Henry 99-02 932-3229 Cook Animal Science Budget and Planning
Chase, Theodore 99-02 932-9523 Cook Biochem & Microbiology Physical Plant and Services
Lee, David 00-03 Cook County Agricultural Agent Salem County Physical Plant and Services
Power, Harry 98-01 445-2012 Cook Ecology, Evolution, Natural Res Personnel Policy
Robock, Alan 00-03 932-9478 Cook Environmental Sciences Research
Young, Maria 97-00 Cook Family & Consumer Sciences Student Affairs and Services and Athletic
Kokini, Jozef 01-04 932-8306 Cook Food Science Admissions and Recruitment
Vayda, Andrew P. 00-03 932-9153x318 Cook Human Ecol-Soc Scien Teaching
Miller, James 01-04 932-6555 x545 Cook Marine and Coastal Sciences Personnel Policy
Simon, James 00-03 932-9711 x-355 Cook Plant Science Teaching
Westendorf, Mike 99-02 932-9408 Cook-extension Animal Science Research
Jessen, Lois 99-02 445-5215 COP Pharmacy Student Affairs and Services and Athletic
Kauffman, Frederick 00-03 445-6900 COP Pharmacy Library Committee
Bethel, Leonard 00-03 445-3334 FAS African; Puerto Rican & Hispanic Carib Academic Services
Johnson, James T 98-01 932-9637 FAS Am Studies, Comp Lit, Exer, Women's Research
Green, Alberto 01-04 932-1516 FAS American Studies, Classics, Comparative Literature, Exercise Science, and Religion
Moffatt, Michael 98-01 932-9887 FAS Anthropology Academic Regulations and Standards
Marder, Tod 98-01 FAS Art History Budget and Planning
Denhardt, David 99-02 445-4569 FAS Cell Biology & Neuroscience Research
Krenos, John 01-04 445-3048 FAS Chemistry Academic Regulations and Standards
Hirsh, Haym 00-03 445-4176 FAS Computer Science Library Committee
Schalow, Paul 97-00 932-5591 FAS East Asian, German, Slavic, Italian Academic Services
Rockoff, Hugh 99-02 932-7857 FAS Economics Academic Services
Gliserman, Martin 00-03 932-8094 FAS English Physical Plant and Services, Teaching
Swenson, James 99-02 932-3806 FAS French Budget and Planning
Sofer, Bill 98-01 445-3052 FAS Genetics Academic Services
Wyly, Elvin K. 00-03 932-3133 FAS Geography Budget and Planning
Sheridan, Robert 00-03 445-2015 FAS Geological Sciences Student Affairs and Services and Athletic
Akinlabi, Akinbiyi 98-01 932-7289 FAS Hebraic Studies, Linguistics Teaching
Bell, Rudolph 00-03 932-7738 FAS History Library Committee
Tunnell, Jerrold   445-3073 FAS Mathematics Physical Plant and Services
Gibson, Mary 99-02 932-8932 FAS Philosophy Academic Regulations and Standards
Cizewski, Jolie 99-02 445-3884 FAS Physics Graduate and Professional Educational Policy
Licklider, Roy   932-9249 FAS Political Science Academic Regulations and Standards
Haviland-Jones, Jeannette 01-04 445-4639 FAS Psychology Personnel Policy
Hansell, Stephen S'01 FAS Sociology Replacing Jackson Toby S'01
Toby, Jackson 98-01 445-3329 FAS Sociology Admissions and Recruitment
Sifuentes-Jauregui, Ben 97-01 932-9412 FAS Spanish & Portuguese Admissions and Recruitment
Gundy, Richard 00-03 445-5296 FAS Statistics Academic Services
Szatrowski, Ted 98-01 973-353-5016 SZATROWS@RCI.RUTGERS.EDU FOM Faculty of Management Physical Plant and Services
Fishman, Daniel 99-02 445-2381 GSAPP Grad Sch of Prof Pscyhology Library Committee
Golbeck, Susan 01-04 932-7496x8323 GSE Educational Psychology Teaching
O'Donnell, Angela 98-01 932-7496 x8317 GSE Educational Psychology Teaching
Carlson, Kenneth 99-02 932-2323 GSE Grad Sch of Education Personnel Policy
Catley, Kefyn 00-03 932-7496 x103 GSE Learning & Teaching Graduate and Professional Educational Policy
Clemens, Paul 98-01 932-6717 GSNB Graduate School Graduate and Professional Educational Policy
Williams, Carolyn 01-04 932-7562 GSNB Graduate School
Consoli, Joseph P 99-02 932-8384 Libraries Libraries - New Brunswick Library Committee
Hoffman, Helen 98-01 445-3855 Libraries Libraries - Piscataway Library Committee
Allen, Lynne 99-02 932-2222 x795 MSGA Dance Personnel Policy
Neumaier, Diane   932-2222 x819 MSGA Fine Arts Academic Regulations and Standards
Berz, William 98-01 932-8860 MSGA Music Teaching
Cohen, Roger   932-8567 SCILS Communication Academic Regulations and Standards
Reed, Barbara   932-7117 SCILS Journalism Teaching
Reeling, Patricia 98-01 932-7074 SCILS Libraries Graduate and Professional Educational Policy
Fay, Charles 98-01 445-5831 SMLR Sch of Mngm & Labor Relations Personnel Policy
Keddie, Wells   445-2278 x15 SMLR Sch of Mngm & Labor Relations Student Affairs and Services and Athletic
Matthewson, M.John 00-03 445-5933 SOE Ceramic & Materials Engineering  
Constantinides, Alkis 97-01 445-3678 SOE Chemical & Biochemical Eng'g  
Guo, Qizhong 00-03 445-4444 SOE Civil & Environmental Engineering Research
Caggiano, Michael 00-03 445-0678 SOE Electrical & Computer Eng'g Admissions and Recruitment
Jafari, Mohsen 99-02 445-3627 SOE Industrial / Biomedical Eng'g Research
Langrana, Noshir A. 98-01 445-3618 SOE Mechanical & Aerospace Eng'g  
Camasso, Michael   932-3934 SSW School of Social Work Student Affairs and Services and Athletic
Rogers Farmer, Antoinette 99-02 932-2621 SSW School of Social Work Graduate and Professional Educational Policy
Varma, Margaret     Admissions and Recruitment

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