TO: New Brunswick Faculty Members
FROM: New Brunswick Faculty Council Personnel Policy Committee
Re: Preparation of Form 1a (or b,c,d,e) for reappointment and promotion decisions

Dear colleague,

this communication is intended for new faculty and faculty expecting to go through the promotion process. The New Brunswick Faculty Council, an elected faculty governance body, has approved this "Dear colleague" letter as a service to its constituency during its meeting of 5/7/99. While the information compiled in this letter has been provided in good faith, the NBFC cannot accept direct responsibility for any errors or omissions. Please also note that the University Administration has not reviewed this letter.

At Rutgers, prior to reappointment or promotion, your department chair is required to submit a document that serves as a master record of all your activities -- scholarship, teaching and service-- known as Form 1a, "Recommendation Information Form for General Teaching/Research Faculty". (Variations across units are Form 1b "Recommendation Infor mation Form for Faculty with Appointments in the Creative or Performing Arts", Form 1c "Recommendation Infor mation Form for County Agents", Form 1d "Recommendation Infor mation Form for Extension Specialists" and Form 1e "Recommendation Infor mation Form for Clinical Faculty). For reappointment, this form is submitted by the Chair near the beginning of the Fall semester of a candidate's 3rd year of appointment. The tenure process takes place following a new faculty member's fifth year, when your Chair and you prepare a packet of materials (including the appropriate Form 1: a, b or c) that make up your promotion dossier.
Attached to this will be the other material you submit--publications, a personal statement if you choose, teaching materials or a teaching portfolio--and, in cases of tenure and/or promotion, letters from outside evaluators. (For the official details of this and all other parts of the process, you can consult the guidelines, "Academic Reappointment/Promotion Instructions" in your department office).

To ensure that the preparation of Form 1 proceeds smoothly, we recommend that you be fully informed about the data that will appear on the form, and that you take steps to guarantee that all information is available and accurate beginning from the time you arrive at Rutgers. In the following we outline some actions by faculty who have been through the tenure and promotion process. Some of these steps will also be useful in helping you to come up with a list of outside evaluators.

During your first semester

After you have settled in Daily tasks

Keep everything, no matter how trivial it seems. Some of this information will be required on the Form 1, some of these items you will want to include as part of your promotion dossier, and some of these items will suggest names of potential evaluators to you. Much of it will be forgotten if it is not written down and filed away. A partial list follows:

Minor points to remember when filling out the form It may seem tedious to keep track of all these things, and on a busy day, a promotion process several years away may be a low priority. But finding, even remembering, these things years after they occur may be more difficult than you think. No one can keep track of your contributions to the University's missions of teaching, research and service as well as you can. Recording things now will make your promotion process, when it does arrive, both better documented and less stressful.